Personal Services

We connect families to the internet and local resources

Full WiFi

We provide free wifi throughout the building or community (depending on the installation). In the hallway, common areas or even the outdoor areas.

Common Cents Plans

All of our broadband plans are designed to fit within any budget, whether you are interested in simply browsing the web or streaming 4k TV or online gaming.

Neture Connect Free

Imagine being able to communicate with any local health, education, training or other service provider in just a few clicks. Yeah, that's coming too!


For those who just want to read email, search the web and do some shopping.

  • Traditional WiFi
  • One Connected Device at Any Time
  • Browsing & Email Capable


For those who need more speed for streaming and gaming online

  • Enhanced WiFi
  • Five Connected Device at Any Time
  • HD Streaming & Gaming Capable

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Frequently Asked Questions

YES!  We provide free wifi throughout the building or complex as part of our installation.  Plus, you don’t have to be a customer to use it.

Great question – although wifi is free, it isn’t as fast as the paid service.  It’s great for browsing and email, not so good for videos, streaming or gaming.  For those you’ll want the Nickels plan or higher.

We have two plans currently within our Common Cents Plans:  Pennies and Nickels.  The Pennies plan is free and the Nickels plan is $20 per month.

Nope!  Our plans are super simple.  Sign up. If we are in your building, you will receive an email or text message confirmation; then wait for service installation. 

Sign up.  Post, tweet and share us.