30 Million Americans are Disconnected

A digital divide remains in the United States where 30 million Americans still do not have consistent high-speed internet at home.

“Whether we’re talking about education, healthcare management, or career development, there is an increasing need to have ready access to the internet. And those who don’t have it risk being left behind, ” says Marlin Jenkins, Neture Founder and CEO.

Neture’s mission is to provide access to opportunity one community at a time.

The lack of reliable broadband limits career readiness and ultimately exacerbates income disparities. For example, 70% of teachers assign homework that requires access to the internet. It is critical that schools incorporate evolving technology into the curriculum. However, in many districts, this means that some students are automatically at a disadvantage.

Spotlight on the South Bronx

Neture is pleased to partner with community development non-profit Nos Quedamos to establish a network to expand broadband access in Melrose Commons.  This one of 12 projects approved by New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo as part of the South Bronx Downtown Revitalization initiative.

“These projects will advance the Borough by leaps and bounds, increasing amenities to existing South Bronx residents and bringing further investment and community pride to the Bronx,said Governor Cuomo in a statement released July 2018.

Our alliance with Nos Quedamos will provide free Wi-Fi in select public spaces and low-cost broadband service for residents within the community. 

Stay tuned for our service which will begin to roll-out in mid-2020.