Community Services

Connecting businesses, nonprofits and government to its residents

Community First

We provide solutions that cater to the needs of the community and underserved residents, including affordable internet access, community wifi & engagement platforms

Neture Connect

Imagine government agencies, community service providers and even businesses being able to directly connect and communicate with its residents in real-time

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Frequently Asked Questions

Community Wifi is a wifi service that connects residents to free wifi in parks and public spaces.

We have worked with local governments to fund wifi in a variety of methods, including public, private, grants, foundation and social venture funding.

Simple – we listen, we learn, we propose and we communicate with all stakeholders (residents, community leaders, government, service providers and businesses).  

Neture Connect is our resource gateway that allows service providers (government, nonprofits, businesses) to connect to local residents and communicate with them in real-time.  It is available to everyone who connects to the Community Wifi.