BBC News – Neture CEO’s Personal Journey Fuels Mission to Bridge Digital Divide

BBC News | Neture Founder & CEO Bringing Affordable Internet to the Bronx
Despite the rapid pace of innovation in the technology sector, the digital divide is a persistent and global phenomenon.  In this recent BBC article, Neture Founder & CEO Marlin Jenkins gets personal and shares the story behind his unwavering commitment to increase high-speed internet access to under-served communities. 

As a teenager, Marlin Jenkins was homeless for a couple of years.

Now, aged 45, he is trying to help the 40% of households in New York’s Bronx district without internet get online.

“When education, banking and healthcare are online, and huge groups can’t leverage these tools, the people who struggle most are struggling harder,” he says.

Read more about Marlin’s journey and learn about how other enterprising individuals in Asia and Africa are also on a mission to close the gap. 


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