Personal Solutions

Affordable home internet for households and families.

Community Solutions

For government, agency and community internet solutions.

About Neture

Why are we here?

2020 taught us the importance of internet access.  From education to healthcare, government access to voting access, employment to financial growth – families without the internet have suffered the most due to lack of opportunities to support, grow and education themselves.

Neture was formed to create affordable internet solutions for families, communities, cities and the government to bridge these gaps.

Our goal:  Every family is able to connect to the internet, regardless of income.

“Neture is inspired by the children and families who work just as hard, but have half the options without the internet. Everything we do is inspired by that child, that teen, that mom or dad, or that adult trying to keep moving but hitting that digital wall.”
Marlin Jenkins
Founder & CEO

How are we different?

Community First

From free internet access to affordable streaming plans, our services are built to meet all budgets.

Free Internet

We built our network to allow for free internet access within every community we support.

Neture Connect

We are building a platform to connect residents to needed services from healthcare to shopping.

Internet for all

Our plans fit every budget and are designed for every community.  Click below to learn more about how we can connect you and your community to the internet.